Funny questions for married couples game- 150 great suggestions


Are you ready for a night filled with laughter, affection, and a healthy dose of friendly competition? Look no further than the funny questions for married couples game. This hilarious game is perfect for couples looking to test their knowledge of each other and have a great time doing it. With 150 fun husband and wife questions, you’ll be sure to tickle your funny bones and create unforgettable memories. So grab your partner, get ready to laugh, and let’s dive into the world of the funny questions for married couples game.

DSS The Couples Game- A fun night of asking game questions for couples!

Reinventing the classic Newlywed Game, our latest edition brings a delightful twist! Rather than focusing on newlyweds, this game is tailored for couples who have journeyed through time as not-so-newlyweds. It offers a humorous exploration of how well you truly know your spouse after years of marriage.

Whether it’s date night, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion, this game adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your time together.


Engage in a delightful exchange with your partner as you navigate through three intriguing question categories: 1. MATCH, 2. BEST, and 3. ME OR YOU. Take turns posing and responding to questions on specially designed cards, creating memorable experiences and deepening your connection.

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Funny Couples Quiz: 101 Questions to Make You Laugh

Laughing together is one of the best things about being in a relationship. This hilarious quiz includes 101 questions guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and get some giggles going. From poking fun at annoying habits to embarrassing memories, these questions cover all the amusing parts of being a couple.

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Funny Relationship Questions- funny questions for married couples game

  1. If your partner’s personality was a food, would it be salty, sweet, spicy, or sour?
  2. What is the most embarrassing thing your partner wears when they’re at home?
  3. If you could change one annoying habit of your partner’s, what would it be?
  4. What is your partner’s most amusing pet peeve?
  5. What is the silliest thing the two of you have ever argued about?
  6. What was the most awkward moment of your first date?
  7. If your partner were an animal, which one would they be and why?
  8. What TV or movie character reminds you most of your partner?
  9. What is the funniest gift your partner has ever given you?
  10. What is the strangest sleepwalking or sleep-talking episode your partner has had?
  11. What is the craziest thing you’ve done together as a couple?
  12. What is the most cringeworthy photo of the two of you?
  13. What bodily sound or function from your partner embarrasses you the most?
  14. What personality trait does your partner have that you find oddly endearing?
  15. How did you meet, and what was your first impression of your partner?
  16. What is your partner’s most humorous irrational fear or phobia?
  17. If you could dress your partner for a day, what outfit would you choose?
  18. What is the most childish thing you’ve seen your partner do?
  19. What embarrassing thing did one of you say or do around the other’s family?
  20. What food reminds you of your partner and why?
  21. What song always makes the two of you laugh?
  22. What food does your partner hate that you secretly love?
  23. What chore does your partner always mess up or forget to do?
  24. What room in your house best represents your partner and why?
  25. What quirky skill or talent does your partner have?
  26. What weird object does your partner collect?
  27. What hobby would your partner pursue if they had unlimited time and money?
  28. What food does your partner refuse to try, no matter how much you beg them?
  29. What random celebrity does your partner have a crush on?
  30. What is your partner’s funniest nickname for you?
  31. What is the most childish thing you argue about?
  32. What embarrassingly bad dance moves does your partner sometimes bust out?
  33. What song does your partner always sing wrong?
  34. What outfit in your partner’s closet do you hate?
  35. What food reminds your partner of you for funny reasons?
  36. What funny or weird tradition does your partner’s family have?
  37. What holiday does your partner have strong feelings about?
  38. What actor or actress does your partner think they look like?
  39. What food would your partner eat off the floor?
  40. If your partner ran for office, what funny or embarrassing slogan would they use?

Silly Questions to Ask Your Partner- funny questions for married couples game

  1. If we were famous, which celebrity couple would we be?
  2. If our lives were a sitcom, which TV show or movie would it be?
  3. What was the craziest thing we did as teenagers?
  4. If we were going to a costume party tonight, what hilarious costumes would we wear?
  5. What accent does your partner hilariously imitate?
  6. What food combination would your partner love that others would find disgusting?
  7. What trend did your partner once fall for but now regrets?
  8. What outdoor activity does your partner hate but you make them try anyway?
  9. What chore makes your partner throw the funniest tantrum when it’s their turn?
  10. What comedian always makes your partner laugh?

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Fun questions for married couples

  1. When it comes to your children, would your partner say you have: A) Too many B) Not enough C) Just the right amount
  2. What does your partner think is the best thing about being married to you?
  3. What does your partner think is the hardest thing about being married to you?
  4. What colors were the flowers at your wedding?
  5. What is your partner’s favorite breakfast?
  6. In the candy bar aisle, which candy bar is your partner most likely to choose?
  7. What was the last movie that you and your partner watched together?
  8. If you and your partner started a business together, what kind of business would it be?
  9. What type of student was your partner in high school? A) On the honor roll all the time B) Mostly B’s and C’s C) Barely passed
  10. How would you rate your partner’s morning breath? A) Just fine B) So-so C) Terrible
  11. Who is better at managing money in your marriage?
  12. If your partner were a cartoon character, who would they be?
  13. What did your partner get you for your birthday last year?
  14. Who is the safer driver between the two of you?
  15. What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day?
  16. How many cousins does your partner have?
  17. What would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift according to your partner?
  18. If both of you were contestants on the game show Jeopardy, who would have the higher score?
  19. How often does your partner get a haircut?
  20. What is your partner’s pet name for you?
  21. What is your partner’s favorite date that you have gone on?
  22. What did your partner wear on your first date together?
  23. If you were to clean the house, which room would your partner say you would clean first?
  24. Who initiated your first kiss?
  25. Who does your partner say had a wilder lifestyle before getting together?
  26. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning between the two of you?
  27. Complete the sentence: When I first saw my spouse, I thought he/she was…
  28. What is your partner’s most prized possession?
  29. What item of clothing would you like your partner to remove from their wardrobe?
  30. What item of clothing does your partner wear that you can’t stand?
  31. Where would your partner say you had the best vacation together?
  32. If your partner won $100, which store would they go spend it all at?
  33. What is the last book that your partner read?
  34. Which celebrity does your partner resemble the most?
  35. What is the weirdest gift that your partner has ever given you?
  36. If your partner were to order pizza right now, what toppings would they choose?
  37. Where did your partner first tell you that they love you?
  38. If your partner could live in any city in the world, where would they choose?
  39. What shoe size does your partner wear?
  40. What color does your partner think looks the best on you?
  41. When did your partner propose to you?
  42. If your partner could have any job (without worrying about money), what would they choose?
  43. Where did you and your partner have your first kiss?
  44. Who snores the most between the two of you?
  45. Who did you tell first about your engagement?
  46. How would your partner describe your driving? A) Like Miss Daisy B) Like a Speed Demon
  47. What was your first fight about after getting married?
  48. How long were you and your partner engaged before you got married?
  49. Which family member of yours does your partner have the most similarities with?
  50. How did your partner’s family react when you announced your engagement?
  51. Which habit of your partner’s when it comes to housekeeping annoys you the most?
  52. What is the one thing that your partner cannot live without?
  53. What do you think is your partner’s best feature?
  54. What was your partner’s first car?
  55. Which movie title best describes your marriage?
  56. What is your partner’s favorite holiday?
  57. What was the first gift that you gave to your partner?
  58. What are the middle names of your partner’s parents?
  59. How would you describe your partner’s family?
  60. If your house was on fire, what is the one thing that your partner would grab before leaving?
  61. What would be the first thing your partner would buy if they won the lottery?
  62. Who eats more junk food between the two of you?
  63. What is your partner’s favorite TV show?
  64. Which room in your house would your partner like to remodel the most?
  65. Who is the better cook, you or your partner?
  66. If a movie was made about your life, who would your partner choose to play them?
  67. How long have you been married to your partner?
  68. What animal reminds you of your mother-in-law?
  69. How long does it take your partner to get ready in the morning?
  70. Who hogs the bed covers between the two of you?
  71. Complete the sentence: A perfect spouse is one who…
  72. When your partner is home alone, what time of the day is it? A) Party time B) Cleaning time C) Nap time
  73. What is your partner’s most irritating habit?
  74. Who would your partner say was the “better catch” out of the two of you?
  75. How will your partner complete this sentence: “My spouse has more ___ than anyone else.”
  76. What would your partner say was the hardest part about adjusting to marriage?
  77. What can you do to make your partner the happiest?
  78. Tons of marriage question cards for a game night.

So, whether you’re a newlywed or you’ve been together for years, the funny questions for married couples game is a fantastic way to spend a fun-filled evening with your partner. With more 101 hilarious and thought-provoking questions, this game is sure to tickle your funny bones and create laughter-filled memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab your partner, put on your thinking caps, and get ready for an exciting night of reminiscing, laughter, and maybe even some friendly competition. It’s time to put your relationship to the test and see just how well you know each other. Are you up for the challenge? Let the dating game questions begin!